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Our Vision

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God is a big God, bigger than we could ever imagine, yet so many times we tend to place Him in a box or place demands on Him as if He were some kind of cosmic Santa Claus.  He is God and He alone is God.  There is no limit to what God will accomplish in our youth group to bring Himself glory.  Our vision is big, but our God is bigger.

To develop parents who are involved in their students spiritual lives:  Many times parents don’t understand their call to be the spiritual leaders in the lives of their children.  We want to teach parents how to fulfill their God given role in their homes.  You can not be an effective Christian just getting fed on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s it must happen each and every day.

  • To have every student who is a part of the body of Christ using their gifts in a ministry inside of the church: Everyone who is saved has a spiritual gift and belongs to the Body of Christ.  We need to let these students have an opportunity to develop and minister with their gifts, no matter what their age, in the appropriate environment.
  • To have students who are accountable to each other:  Our students are tempted on a daily basis by peer pressure and many times parents do not understand what they are actually going through.  Students of the same age who are encouraging, loving, and helping them through their daily walk can make a big difference when it comes to making the right choices.
  • For our students to feel like youth group is a place they will be unconditionally loved and are able to speak freely about events that are effecting their lives:  Many times people are reserved to share when the time is appropriate and because of that they are stunted in their Christian growth.  We want to make an environment where students feel free to share and seek Godly advice in their walk with the Lord.
  • Our students will be our #1 resource for reaching new unchurched students:  We are all called to reach the world for Christ, but so many times we are scared to reach out to others who are dying.  We need to raise up a fearless generation who will share the Gospel no matter the cost.
  • To be an asset to parents who are bring up their children Biblically: We want to always reinforce and never contradict what a student is instructed to do by their parents.  We must be careful not to share our opinions as Biblical Truth.
  • Train leaders:  College aged students are falling away from the church faster than any other age group, imagine if they are trained to lead and placed to serve and make a difference for Christ in this world.

Just Imagine...

  • Students can’t wait to get to school and invite their friends
  • Students stand out in life and do not conform
  • Students were a vital/viable part of the church
  • Every Parent was involved in the spiritual life of their child
  • Every student in Soddy Daisy and surrounding areas attended church either at Rechoboth or Elsewhere
  • All barriers were broken down and everyone felt welcomed
  • Students listen to the Lord’s call on their lives and made a global impact for Christ
  • Every at-risk student in the community was influenced by our church
  • Every student in the area knew that they are loved by God no matter what
  • Every student followed Christ instead of their hearts and friends
  • Every student knew the absolute truths
  • Our youth group had an impact on local colleges
  • Our students would live the truth and not just speak it
  • Every student understood the role of purity in their lives
  • We could equip parents with the knowledge of God
  • Our youth group was considered the safest place in town
  • Our youth group impacted other churches in the community
  • If church was the students #1 priority
  • If adults and youth worked together for the glory of God
  • Every student had an accountability partner to help them make the right choices
  • Every student understood their spiritual gifts
  • Every student would take ownership of their own faith and stop living off of their parents’ and preachers’ faiths.
  • Every student would take responsibility for their own actions
  • Everyone would just be real, no more stain glass masquerades.
  • All the leaders of the church sought God’s will and no one had their own agendas or motives.
  • We all could come together as one accord.
  • Everyone’s ego and pride were removed from Church
  • We didn’t let the world water-down our values
  • Every project we did left a huge positive impact
  • Everyone was ready for the second coming
  • Every student in our community that has a crisis had someone to call for Godly wisdom and advice.
  • We didn’t care much about ourselves
  • That in every crisis our first instinct would be to turn to God in prayer.
  • We would all pray without ceasing.
  • Every student has a burden for lost souls.
  • Every student viewed their school as a mission field
  • Everyone knew how to repent
  • Every student would stand up for their faith and share and explain it to their friends
  • All of us knew the real consequences for our actions
  • Students were passionate to worship God in both public and private settings
  • All the students in youth were united.
  • The youth group could be a “family”
  • The High Schoolers were all intentionally positive role models for the Middle Schoolers
  • Every graduating senior was equipped to be a spiritual leader on their college campus or job
  • The elders would willingly impart Biblical wisdom to the students
  • Students took ownership of their church and had the freedom to fail and still be loved and encouraged by the adults.
  • Everything was spirit led.
  • Students’ spiritual maturity would set an example for adults
  • Our students would change the culture
  • We were all serious about developing a relationship with God
  • Everyone could speak with boldness and had the opportunity to do so
  • Every student was trained to share their faith
  • Every student was a great story teller of the Gospel
  • Everyone was willing to be authentic and transparent
  • We always did ministry out of Holy Spirit led imagination instead of memory
  • We weren’t afraid to fail
  • We weren’t afraid of other people’s opinions of us
  • Every student in our community had repeated opportunities to hear and respond to the Gospel
  • Our churches’ involvement with our students was contagious to others around us
  • There was a ministry that met every persons needs
  • Our Youth Group is known for what it is rather than what it does
  • Students knew their Bibles
  • Students brought their Bibles to church and used them
  • Students understood and could discuss scripture instead of just memorizing verses
  • Students knew how to appropriately resolve conflicts
  • God was real and living in every student’s life and it was evidenced through their actions
  • Prayer was as natural as breathing in a student’s life
  • We first practice it in our own lives before we taught it to others
  • Youth Group becomes obsolete because they’d be so on fire and out in the community serving God that they would no longer need us.


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