Experience the Ripple Effect

It all started with an observation that, summer after summer, our church was hosting fun but fruitless VBS programs created from prepackaged kits. Kids left saying they had fun, but we never saw a change in their lives. That's when God laid a vision on the hearts of the leaders of our church to change the dynamic.

As we began to pray for God's direction, we started to see that He was leading us to mine the material already created and held in the public domain, enjoyed for decades by children. We were to adapt those storylines, and allow the memorable characters to stir children’s curiosity and interest again. We adopted as a primary goal to preserve the integrity of the original story while maintaining the purity of the gospel message. This goal is where we place our highest value.

Timeless children’s classics like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Peter Pan were easily identified as having high potential. So, these storylines have now been adapted to tell the greatest story that has ever been told: the story of God’s redemption of lost mankind. Thus with the roll out of the titles The Wonderful Salvation of God, Part of His World, Beauty from a Beast, and Journey to Foreverland, timeless stories from vastly different eras have been intertwined to present the gospel of salvation in a fresh, creative way that captivates the imagination of children and leaves an indelible impression.

We have been humbled to see the number of children saved grow by 428% since beginning this journey of VBS revision, but it's not just our church that has seen these dramatic changes. As we shared and help produced these stories in other "test" churches they have experienced the same exciting growth in their churches!


Introducing E.I.T.

Evangelical Interactive Theater or E.I.T. (pronounced "it") is a new way to make the Gospel come alive for children and parents in your community while utilizing the wonders present in our visual age of learning.

We start with a story that is entertaining, educational, and engaging, with characters that are memorable. And then…we bring it to life.


Complete customizable content

No one knows your church and community better than you. So, we uncover the resources at your disposal and help you bring stories to life…to change lives. There IS a way for your church to do this. Hey, we’re just one church in a little town in East Tennessee and God did it here! We know He can do this at your church, too, and we want to help you discover how.


How can I bring the E.I.T. experience to our church?

For information on how your church can use this revolutionary material in the furthering of the Gospel to your community feel free to e-mail or call 423-332-5584